16 May - African Operators day (AFOPs) || 9:00 -17:30

16 May - African Operators day (AFOPs) is brought by AF6TF (the African IPv6 Task Force), and ISOC-ITE (Interconnection and Traffic Exchange)


Who should attend?

This event is mainly targeted to Operators, regulators and decision makers in Africa. The meeting will provide an open platform to discuss, debate and agree on the way forward with the region on two of the most essential and critical issues facing our region (IPv6 & Interconnection).


Why attend?

The day will be divided into to main segments;

Segment 1: IPv6 in Africa: (AF6TF)

This segment will be the official launch and first meeting of the African IPv6 Task Force. Discussing IPv6 deployment in the region and the way forward, addressing some of the main issues for an ISP or a Regulator. Along with sharing some case studies of successful IPv6 transitions.

Segment 2: Peering in Africa: (ISOC-ITE)
This segment will be part of ISOC's continues efforts for interconnection within the region. Advance discussions on the key interconnection opportunities and challenges in the Africa will be debated. This meeting will also provide participants with global and regional insights on maximizing international and regional opportunities.


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