Internet number resource management (INRM)

12 May 2012 | 09:00 - 17:30

This course introduces participants to the fundamentals of Internet number resource management and how to deal with AfriNIC in getting and managing Internet resources. Participants will also be introduced to the Policy Development Process, how it works, why they need to be involved and how to participate.

Target audience

Technical staff at Internet Service Providers that are responsible for managing the organisations Internet resources.


  • Knowledge of the Internet Protocol and how it works.

  • Basic Unix/Linux command line skills.

Workshop outline

  • Understanding Internet resources & how they are managed.

  • About AfriNIC and what we do.

  • Number resource policies in Africa about the AfriNIC Policy Development Process.

  • IPv4 depletion - facts, timelines and implications.

  • IP address planning.

  • Why NAT is not a solution to the problem of IPv4 exhaustion (aka Why NAT is evil).

  • Interacting with AfriNIC.

  • Introduction to the Whois database (Objects, querying and uses).


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