The 6th AfriNIC Government Working Group Meeting

The African Government Working Group (AfGWG) was set up at the initiative of AfriNIC “with the aim of strengthening the collaboration between AfriNIC and African Governments and Regulators in order to create a dynamic framework to address general Internet Governance challenges faced within the region and specifically those related to Internet Number Resources.”

Target Audience

• Government Officials dealing with ICT matters
• ICT Regulators & policy makers
• Regional ICT Organisations
• Law Enforcement Agencies


  • New ICT regional initiatives
  • Update on ITAR & other negotiations at global level
  • IPv6 deployment
  • ccTLDs and related issues
  • Cybersecurity


Sheraton Hotel, The Gambia

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[Shuttles will be available from the Kairaba Hotel to the Sheraton Hotel]

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