12 May - IPv6 for Managers || 9:00 - 13:00

This workshop has been conducted for the first time at AfriNIC-15 in Cameroon and is now part of our regular programme for AfriNIC Public Policy Meetings. The half day course will start at 09:00 am.

Target Audience

  • Non-technical IP managers
  • Regulators

Workshop Outline

  • The Registry System
  • What is the difference between IPv4 & IPv6
  • IPv6 Address Basics
  • Strategic opportunities of IPv6
  • The road to IPv6: Driving IPv6 adoption
    1. At national/country level
    2. At an enterprise level
    3. At a small to medium company level
  • Managing the costs of IPv6 adoption
  • IPv6 planning priorities and dependencies
  • Aligning IPv6 with key initiatives, processes and projects
  • Case studies: Real Life IPv6 Deployment
  • Way forward


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