The AFRINIC-16 Public Policy Meeting was held from 12 to 18 May 2012 in Serekunda, The Gambia. The Policy Meeting included trainings conducted from 12 to 14 May 2012. A one-day closed-door meeting, the African Government Working Group, for government officials from several African countries was held on 15 May 2012. The meeting discussed Internet related issues. The premier Africa Operators Day was held on 16 May. This introduced key issues on technical aspects of the Internet. The AFRINIC-16 plenary sessions were held on the 16 and 17 May. The sessions dwelt on policy issues relating to Internet resources, AFRINIC Board of Directors Elections and AFRINIC corporate updates as well as debates on several issues such as IPv6 deployment, Internet governance, E-voting, AFRINIC bylaws, RPKI and DNSSEC deployment amongst others.

AFRINIC-16 was hosted by QCELL in partnership with GAMTEL, the Gambian Public Utilities Regulatory Authority, the Gambian Ministry of Information and Communication Infrastructure, Internet Society (ISOC), the University of the Gambia, Information Technology Association of The Gambia (ITAG), and ISPAG. Dot Africa, Internet Society, Afilias, the Gambian Public Utilities Regulatory Authority, Internet Solutions, QCELL, GAMTEL and Unique Solutions sponsored the event. On an average 284 people attended the plenary sessions. Approximately 100 people attended the trainings. Most of the attendees came from the education and telecommunication sectors.

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