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Live Interaction

Live Video - English

Audio Stream


Speaker-black-48Streams are delivered as 48kb/s unicast-http-streamed mp3 audio, a popular and relatively standard way to deliver internet radio. Most platforms should have a client immediately available (windows media player, quicktime, real, winamp, vlc, mplayer, zinf, etc.) capable of playing back the stream. The live audio stream will be available in:


English (M3U / XSPF)


Previous Session Videos

Jabber Chat Instructions

How to connect to the AFRINIC-19 Jabber Instant Messaging (IM) service

With a Jabber client

  • A list of jabber clients can be found here
  • After setting up your jabber clients/software if you don't have a jabber account, you can create one on or
  • You have to register or sign in to your jabber server
  • then select rooms ( please note that "[at]" should be replaced by "@")

 Without a Jabber client

  • If you would like to participate, but are unable to setup a Jabber client, you're welcome to use the web interface available at:
  • Enter your name and log in. Enjoy  

 Alternatively send your comments and/or queries by email to live-comments[at]