::: 2008 NRO-NC (ASO-AC) election process :::

This year, we will have to elect one representative in the Number Council of the NRO (According to point 7 of the NRO MoU). The elected person shall also act as the ASO Address Council (ICANN ASO MoU) repetitive for AfriNIC region.

The open seat is:
Seat 1: for three years term (January 2009 to December 2011)

Who can sit on the NC?
Nominees should have a good experience/background in the Internet environment, be able to participate actively in all activities conferred to the Number Council and, as the working language is English, candidates should have a minimum comprehension of the English language.

How to nominate?:
Nominations should be sent to nominations2008_at_afrinic.net with the following information:
Full name:
Organization (or affiliation):
Physical address:
E-mail address:
Phone number:
Fax number:

The nominee should also provide the following information:
1. Are you [or your organisation] a member of AfriNIC?
2. Are you available for a 3-year term?
3. Will you be available to travel and attend the Number Council Meetings when needed?
4. What Internet-related services does your organisation provide?
5. Why do you want to serve on the Council and what goals do you want to accomplish as a member?
6. Please provide a brief biography of recent experience, associations, and affiliations (national and international) relevant to serving at the board, corporate, or executive level. Describe positions held and specific duties, including the names of organisations served and dates of service.

** You may want to add a picture (it will appear in your details on line)

The deadline for Candidacy/Nominations is Saturday 15 October 2008 at 12:00 GMT. The following time frames should be noted:

- Announcement of Election Committee Members – 20 September 2008
- Opening of the Candidacy/Nomination Period – 28 September 2008
- Closing of Nomination Period – 13 October 2008
- Review of nomination, contacting nominees for more details – 14-18 October 2008
- Official Announcement of Candidate by Election Committee & Opening of Public Comments - 19 October 2008
- End of Public Comments – 18 November 2008
- Review and Update of Nominees List - 19-22 November 2008
- Election Day and Election Results- 28 November 2008


NRO-NC (ASO-AC): http://aso.icann.org

NRO-NC Election Process : http://www.afrinic.net/nro/afnro-elp200502.htm

NRO MoU: http://www.nro.net/documents/nro1.html

ICANN ASO MoU: http://www.nro.net/documents/aso-mou.html