Daily recap - 6 December 2019

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It was a successful meeting. After one week of trainings, meetings, roundtables, plenaries and many other interactive sessions, the curtain finally came down on AFRINIC-31. 

Attended by 230 people from more than 38 Africa and other countries, Luanda went beyond expectation.

As is often the norm, the next host, Congo DRC made their presentation, encouraging delegates to travel to the country next year. 

It was another eventful day with the Board Community Engagement session. The community provided relevant feedback and comments on AFRINIC's operational and governance issues.

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Several presentations were held in the morning before the Board Engagement session. The first one by Daniel Nangakha addressed the fundamentals necessary for a modern Internet that adheres to open standards through best practices and adoption of internet technologies suchIPv6, DNSSEC, HTTPS, DMARC, DKIM, SPF, STARTTLS, DANE and more.

The second one was remote by Uffa Modey on the NREN Collaboration Model for Youth Inclusion in Internet Governance.  The session discussed the inclusion of African youth in procedures that shape the evolution of technology including the development of technical standards, legal frameworks, economic growth mechanisms and societal empowerment strategies for telecommunication.

Afterwards, Cedrick Mbeyet from AFRINIC presented the NoC Report with vital network statistics for AFRINIC-31 and the local host for the next AIS in 2020 gave a presentation highlighting the ICT ecosystem in the Democratic Republic of Congo, proving relevant information for delegates on visa and ebola issues in DRC.

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In the closing ceremony, Eddy said that like every family AFRINIC has ups and downs but promised that the organisation is ready to face and resolve any challenges.  The winner of survey draw was then announced.  Avit Ndayiziga took the prize for his participation in the meeting survey. The meeting survey is still open for feedback until 20 December 2019. It would be great to read your experiences of the meeting, whether you were physically present in Luanda or participated remotely.

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