AFRINIC exists to expand the Internet for the sustainable development of Africa. One of the prominent ways in which AFRINIC implements this vision is through major events held around the continent to champion this debate. It is for this reason that AFRINIC will be holding the 31st series of these meetings. Dubbed AFRINIC-31, the meeting will take place from 2nd - 6th December 2019 in Angola.

AFRINIC-31 is a follow-up to the African Internet Summit (AIS) 2019 that was held in Kampala, Uganda from 9th - 21th June 2019. It was held in collaboration with the NFT Consult. Over 500 participants attended the summit that consisted of in-depth policy development discussions, training courses, workshops, tutorials, plenary sessions and panel discussions. Some key highlights of the event included discussions on; net-neutrality, digital rights and privacy, the adoption of IPv6, internet measurement in Africa, DNS and related services, efforts to strengthen key internet infrastructure to keep the content and traffic local.

The meeting is also a follow-up to AFRINIC-29 that was held in Hammamet, Tunisia in November 2018 in collaboration with the Agence Tunisienne d'Internet. Over 200 delegates from 38 countries across the globe discussed, among other items, cyber security and how to keep Africa’s networks safe.

For more information on AFRINIC-31 please read the Concept note (English) | Concept note (Portuguese)