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About AFRINIC Meetings

AFRINIC holds two open public policy meetings every year in various locations throughout Africa, its service region. AFRINIC meetings provide a unique opportunity for Internet-related individuals and organisations to gather and discuss the policies governing Internet number resource distribution in the African region, to share technical knowledge, and to attend workshops and tutorials.

Plenary sessions bring the various stakeholder groups of the African ICT community together, including the Af* organisations and ISPs, for public policy discussions, presentations and stakeholder panel sessions on:

* The allocation and management of IP addresses and ASNs
* Technical and Internet governance issues
* Networking, peering and security
* Domain names, cyber laws and registrars issues
* Updates of the African registry operations, RIR, IANA, and ICANN updates

Public policy discussions will take place during AFRINIC-27.

Previous AFRINIC Meetings

  • Policy

    The policies used to distribute Internet number resources in the African and Indian Ocean region are proposed, discussed, accepted Read More
  • Training

    AFRINIC Meetings features three days of intensive and hands-on training courses and workshops on IPv6 and Internet Number Resource Management. Read More
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Previous AFRINIC Meetings

Previous AFRINIC Meetings


AFRINIC-27 will be held in Lagos, Nigeria from 27 November to 1 December 2017.

Travel and Visas

Many travellers will need a visa to get to Lagos, Nigeria, for the AFRINIC-27 Meeting.
Find out more on our dedicated travel page.


First Timer?

If this is your first AFRINIC Meeting, there's no need to feel alone
Our Newcomers Team is here to welcome you.