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Last Updated on Monday, 07 March 2011 06:19

Most visitors require visas with the exception of certain Commonwealth countries. It is advisable to obtain a visa in advance of travel as several airlines insist on them prior to departure. Depending on nationality and country of origin, a visa may be obtained on arrival at Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro airports and at Namanga Gate on the Tanzania-Kenya border. Zanzibar is an independent state although it is a part of the union of Tanzania. Passports and a Tanzanian visa are required even on a day's visit.

Requirements may change so it is advisable to contact your nearest Tanzanian Consulate before finalising your travel arrangements.

Visas cost US$10-60 depending on nationality and are usually valid for three months.

Requirements for obtaining a visa are: a passport, valid for six months beyond the intended length of stay, two passport photographs, proof of sufficient funds, two application forms and a detailed itinerary stating reason for visit. Sometimes, a copy of your airline tickets is required.

Please refer to the following website for further information regarding visa requirements:


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