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Traveller's info

Last Updated on Monday, 07 March 2011 06:49

About the country

Country Name: United Republic of Tanzania

Capital City: Dodoma

Time: GMT +3 hours

Office hours Mon-Fri: 08:30 - 17:00

Independence: 9 December 1961

Currency: Tanzania Shilling

Language: The official language is Kiswahili, which is widely spoken. English is second official language, the country’s commercial language.

International Airport: Julius Nyerere International airport

There are 29 airports in Tanzania; the Julius Nyerere International airport is the main airport where domestic and international airlines fly to. All the airports in Tanzania are listed at: http://www.prokerala.com/travel/airports/tanzania/. Flights from Johannesburg to Dar es Salaam are on a daily basis. For further flight information, please see: http://www.skyscanner.net/flights-to/dar/airlines-that-fly-to-dar-es-salaam-airport.html

Useful number: Home Affairs +255(0)2112035/40

Electricity: The standard voltage throughout Tanzania is 230/240V AC, 50Hz plugs have three square pins. Adaptors for electrical items are available at any electrical store.

Money Exchange

It’s best to carry as little cash as possible when travelling to avoid further inconvenience if anything should be lost or stolen.

Major currencies (US Dollar, the English Pound, and the Euro) are easily changed at banks and Forex Bureaus. Major banks such as Standard Chartered, Barclays Bank, CRDB and NBC have ATM machines that allow you to withdraw cash from both VISA and MasterCard accounts. Credit cards are accepted only at major lodges, hotels, and travel agents. Foreign currency in cash or traveller’s cheques may be exchanged at any branch of the commercial banks or through authorised Forex Bureaus.

Weather and Climate

Dar es Salaam's weather is humid and hot during the dry season from September to March, and humid and cooler following the long rainy season from June to August. Dar has two rainy seasons, the short rains from late-October to early-December and the long rains from March to June.

During the dry season temperatures can easily soar to above 35°C in Dar. You should seek shelter from the sun during the midday heat and use copious amounts of sun-block.


December – March. Average temperatures range between 33–35°C.


March – May. Average temperatures range between 30–33°C.

Culture, Population and Religion

Most of the people are of Bantu origin representing 95%, with some 120 tribes on the mainland, none of which exceeds 10% of the population, others are of Asian, Arab and Afro-Arab and European. The biggest African group is the Sukuma: others include Masai, Haya, Gogo, Nyamwezi. Chagga. Traditional beliefs (30%), Islam (35%) and Christianity (35%).

Health Precautions

Yellow Fever and malaria prevention is compulsory.

Yellow Fever

The inoculation is obtainable from your nearest clinic. Staple it into the front of your passport if you are afraid of losing it. Most African countries require this certificate.

Malaria Tablets

Tanzania and Zanzibar are is situated in a malaria zone, so it is recommended that you consult your doctor for the adequate prescription. Pregnant women are not allowed to take Malaria prevention drugs, and are cautioned before entering any malaria area.

Places to visit

Northern Region

Mount KIlimangaro - http://tinyurl.com/4vhb4nu

Serengeti http://tinyurl.com/4wd44o7

Ngoronro Crater http://tinyurl.com/4kbnuez

Oldurai Gorge http://tinyurl.com/68eenrs

Lake Manyara http://tinyurl.com/64yzg74

Arusha National Parks http://tinyurl.com/5uznupl

Tarangire National Park http://tinyurl.com/5rekvxn

Coastal Region

Dar es Salaam < http://tinyurl.com/6gjz8z3 > City Centre – National Museum, Makumbusho Village museum, Botanical Garden, Askari Monument, Mwenge Handicrafts Village, The Slipway, Coco Beach.

Pemba Island http://www.zanzinet.org/zanzibar/pemba/pemba.html

Mafia Island http://www.mafiaisland.com/

Zanzibar <http://zanzibartouristcorporation.net/ > beaches are: Kiwenga, Nungwi, Bwejuu, http://zanzibartouristcorporation.net/

Southern Region

Selous Game Reserve http://tinyurl.com/ko4aae

Western Region

Lake Tanganyika http://lta.iwlearn.org/

Safety Tips

Please take precautions as you would in any large city

Use bottled water as a safety precaution

Keep to busy and well-lit areas

If you get lost, go to an open business and ask for help or call the National Tourism Information

Do not leave your valuables unattended

Emergency Contacts

Emergency: 112

Police: +255 (0)22 2117362

Ambulance/ Fire Services: 112

IST Clinic – 24hr doctor: +255 754 783393 (Dar es Salaam)

National Tourism Information: +255 (0)22 2111244/5

You are unlikely to encounter problems during your stay provided you take the usual precautions and refer to the above safety tips.

For more information on Tanzania visit the official website of the country:


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