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Sponsorship Opportunities

Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 August 2010 06:56

Join us to support Internet Numbers policy redevelopment process in Africa

As part of our mission we facilitate an open and bottom up multistakeholders policy development process. The biannual meetings are opportunities for the community to discuss Internet Number Resources management policy proposals face to face in order to gather consensus. Our next meeting will take place in Johannesburg.



About AfriNIC-13

AfriNIC-13 Public Policy Meeting will be held in South Africa, Johannesburg on 20-26 November 2010.  During this event organised by AfriNIC, participants will have the opportunity to participate in discussions related to IPv6 deployment, Cyber Security, Internet Protocol and Mobility, CERT, DNSSEC as well as policy for IP address allocation. AfriNIC will also host speakers from Internet governing bodies such as ICANN/IANA and ISOC who will talk about global tread and issues related to Internet governance and its development.

Why Sponsor AfriNIC event?

As a key player in the Internet industry and its development in the African Region, AfriNIC’s meetings provide opportunities for organisations like yours to reach key stakeholders of this dynamic and diverse environment. Your Sponsorship will contribute to reinforce your support to an efficient and transparent management of Internet Number Resources for the overall development and sustainability of the Internet throughout Africa. Other benefits include:

  • Increased your company's visibility within the community
  • Global Brand Awareness
  • Enhanced your company image through corporate networking

Sponsorship Categories

The Chart below provides a breakdown of the categories with respective benefits:

Platinum Sponsor: US$ 20,000 and above

Name & logo appear in the sponsor list on website
Logo printed on the event banners and the Agenda.
Logo printed on T-Shirts.
Company Documentation in the meeting pack
2 company banners displayed at the venue

Gold: Sponsor:  US$ 11,000 - 16,000

Name & logo appear in the sponsor list on website
Logo printed on the event banners and T-Shirts.
Documentation in the meeting pack

Silver Sponsor: US$ 6,000 - 10,000

Name & logo appear in the sponsor list on website
Logo printed on the event banners
Logo printed on T-Shirts

Ruby Sponsor: Contribution of $5,000

Name & logo appear in the sponsor list on website

You can also chose to sponsor

Opening Cocktail Event
Social Event
Translation Services
Internet Connection

** We mention the name of all our event sponsors in our Annual Report with a special mention to Gold an Platinum Categories.

About AfriNIC

African Network Information Center is a non-governmental and not-for-profit, Continent-wide membership based organization, who’s main role is to serve the African region as a Regional Internet Registry. Our Mission is to serve the African Community by providing professional and efficient management of Internet Number Resources, supporting Internet technology usage and development, and promoting Internet self-governance.

If you are interested in becoming a partner of this event, please contact us at meeting[at]afrinic.net or call our office at (+230 403 5100)

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