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AfriNIC-13 Meeting Report

Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 January 2011 10:15

The  African  Network  Information  Centre  (AfriNIC)  concluded  its  thirteenth biannual meeting held at  Johannesburg, South Africa. The event was hosted by  The  Department  of  Communication  of  South  Africa (DOC)  and  was sponsored by Uniform coza Registry, ISOC, Neotel and Internet Solutions.

With over 160 attendees, and around 30 remote participations through out  the entire  event  from  18  countries  and  International  organizations.  Decision makers from the African and Global Internet Community;  from different  fields and  scopes  of  interests  such  as  governmental  officials,  regulators, telecommunications,  academia,  international  organisations,  Internet  Service Providers,  Finance,  Banking  and  Satellite Communications  attended  the meeting  and  discussed  the  latest  developments  in  global  best  practice  for managing Internet resources and its impact on the African region.

Durning  the  meeting  a  large  range  of  African  and  Global  Internet  related topics such as IPv6, RPKI  and Cyber  security were discussed and debated among  the  different  members  of  the  community.  As  a  result  of  these discussions and  deliberations  two  regional  policies progressed  to  the  “Last Call” phase.


You can download the full report from here

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