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Agenda - Day 1

Last Updated on Friday, 11 June 2010 10:45

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AfriNIC-12 , DAY 1 - Wednesday 2 June 2010 - AfriNIC Public Policy Meeting - Moderator: Pierre Dandjinou
08h00 – 09h00 Registration
09h00 – 09h10 Review of Agenda and Logistics Lillian Sharpley, CAM, AfriNIC
09h10 – 09h20 Welcome Adress Adiel Akplogan, CEO, AfriNIC
09h20 – 09h30 Opening Remarks and Introduction of Keynote Speaker Patrick Nyirishema, Head of IT, RDB
09h30 – 09h45 Keynote Address Hon. Dr. Ignace Gatare, Rwanda Minister of ICT
09h45 – 10h00 AfriNIC Board Activities Update Viv Padayatchy, Chairman, AfriNIC
10h00 – 10h45 AfriNIC Corporate Update Adiel Akplogan, CEO, AfriNIC
10h45 – 11h00 Coffee Break
11h00 – 11h15 RPKI Deployment in the African Region - Alain Aina, Special Projects Mgr, AfriNIC
11h15 - 11h25 Registration Services Update Ernest Byaruhanga, Registration Services Manager, AfriNIC
11h25 – 11h35 MyAfriNIC
Alex Lawani, Software Engineer, AfriNIC
11h35 - 11h45 New Registration Services Agreement Ashok B. Radhakissoon, Legal Advisor, AfriNIC
Updates from Related Organisations
11h45 - 12h00 IANA Update Anne-Rachel Inne, ICANN
12h00 – 12h15 IETF Update Dawit Bekele, ISOC
12h15 – 12h30 APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Center) Sanjaya Sanjaya, Resource Services Manager, APNIC
12h30 – 12h40 ARIN (American Regional Internet Network)
Scott Leibrand, ARIN Advisory Council
12h40 – 12h50 LACNIC (Latin America Network Information Center) Ernesto Majo, LACNIC
12h50 – 13h00 RIPE NCC (Reseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre) Ingrid Wijte, RIPE NCC
13h00 – 13h10 NRO Update
Axel Pawlik, NRO Chair, RIPE NCC
13h10 – 13h20 ASO Update
Jean-Robert Hountomey, ASO Representative
13h20 - 14h30 Lunch
Internet Development Moderator: Mark Elkins
14h30 – 14h50 IPv6 Based Rural Emergency Healthcare Gudipudi Srinivas, Tech Mahindra
14h50 – 15h10 Content Providers Must Lead the Way to IPv6 Owen DeLong,
IPv6 Evangelist, Hurricane Electric
15h10 – 15h50 Open Discussion

15h50 – 16h05 Tea Break
16h05 – 17h30 5 Years of AfriNIC Operations: Way forward
Vint Cerf, Google

Nii Quaynor, AfNOG

Alan Barrett, ASO

Pierre Ouedraogo, OIF

Desiree Miloshevic, Afilias

Pierre Dandjinou

17h30 – 18h30 BoF: RPKI, Alain Aina, Facilitator
19h00 – 22h30 AfriNIC's 5th Year Anniversary Celebration Social Dinner

AfriNIC-12 Agenda


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