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Traveller’s Information

Last Updated on Monday, 31 May 2010 16:28

Currency and costs

The Rwandan franc (RWF) is currency used. The exchange rate for 1 USD Dollar is 562.343 (RWF) - from (oanda.com)


Most Rwandans speak Kinyarwanda, one of the country's three official languages, and in market towns many people speak Swahili. Educated Rwandans speak French and English. In 2008 the Rwandan government announced that English would become the primary language of instruction in schools, replacing French as the primary language of instruction. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rwanda)

Voltage, Frequency and Plug/Outlet Type

Electricity in Rwanda is 230 Volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. If you travel to Rwanda with a device that does not accept 230 Volts at 50 Hertz, you will need a voltage converter.

Rwanda Plug Adapters and Outlet Shapes

Outlets in Rwanda generally accept 1 type of plug:  Two round pins.  If your appliances plug has a different shape, you may need a plug adapter (http://treehouse.ofb.net/go/en/voltage/Rwanda).


Most Rwandans are Christian. A 2006 study reported that 56.5 percent of the population were Catholic (with a 6.9% increase since the 2001 survey), 37.1 percent Protestant (of which 11.1 Adventists, and 14,000 Jehovah's Witnesses), 4.6 percent Muslim, 1.7 claimed no religious beliefs, and 0.1 percent practiced traditional indigenous beliefs. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rwanda)


Time Zone:  UTC/GMT  +02 hrs

Communications - Telephone

Country code: 250. There are no area codes. There is International Direct Dialling but this may be subject to occasional disruptions. Mobile Telephone:  Roaming agreements exist with one international mobile phone company. Handsets can be hired. Coverage is quite unreliable.

Internet: There are Internet cafes in Kigali, including one at the airport - (http://www.worldtravelguide.net/country/237/health/Africa/Rwanda.html)

Weather and Climate

Despite its proximity to the equator, the climate in Rwanda is cooled by the high altitude. It is warm throughout most of the country but cooler in the mountains. There are two rainy seasons: mid January to April and mid October to mid December.  Average temperatures range from 16-22 degree Celsius - (http://www.worldtravelguide.net/country/237/climate/Africa/Rwanda.html)


The transport system in Rwanda centres primarily on the road network, with paved roads between the capital, Kigali and most other major cities and towns in the country.  The principal form of public transport in the country is share taxi, with express routes linking the major cities and local services serving most villages along the main roads of the country. Coach services are available to various destinations in neighbouring countries.

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