BoD Elections 2013

E-Voting now closed

AFRINIC is due to conduct elections to fill three positions on the Board. The election for Seats 1, 2 and 7 on the Board will be conducted at the Annual General Members' Meeting (AGMM) scheduled for 21 June 2013 in Lusaka, Zambia.

The AGMM will be held immediately after the official closure of the Africa Internet Summit due to the held in Lusaka starting June 9.

Members have been urged to take an active part in the elections to ensure the best candidates interested in advancing the vision and mission of the organisation are elected to serve on the nine-member Board.

Apart from voting, members will consider a number of lists on the agenda including the 2012 Audited Financial Report, the budget and execution status, the new Bylaws adopted in January 2013. Members will also be updated on Board activities. Click here to see the AGMM agenda.

Before the elections members have been asked to check and update their records using the criteria listed below. Only organisations and persons fulfilling the following criteria are eligible to vote:

  • Any AFRINIC Resource member in "good standing". "Good standing" in this context refers to a member who has signed the AFRINIC Registration Service Agreement and has no unsettled financial debt with AFRINIC older than seven (7) days prior to Election Day.
  • All Registered Members.
  • Candidates for open positions.
  • Appointed Proxies duly approved by the CEO at least 48 hours prior to the Election Day and transmitted to the Chair of the Election Committee.

Members have further been asked to check and confirm the accuracy of their contact details in MyAFRINIC. They should update the details if  need be. All communications, electronic ballots and Proxy will be based on the details available on MyAFRINIC (mainly Admin-Contact).

For more information see Update your Admin-Contact on MyAFRINIC.


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