The day closed with a Gala Dinner sponsored by Congo Telecom. It was an evening of cheering, dancing, drinking topped off with some Congolese gourmet delights with live music band at Hotel de Fez, Centre Ville Tchiounga, Pointe Noire.  

After lunch, a Special General Members Meeting was held. This meeting was called for by the AFRINIC membership during the AFRINIC-22 Meeting.

The SGMM considered the 2014 audited financial statements, which were not quite ready at the AFRINIC-22 meeting in Tunis earlier this year. 

Andrew Alston presented the 2014 Audited Financial Statement for 2014. In the Q&As which followed the presentation the community raised several issues on the auditor KPMG's, performance, outstanding membership fees and travel costs. There were questions and discussions on why AfNOG is not in the list of contributors, the reason behind AFRINIC treating intangibles as assets and the reason behind the delay of the audit and what guarantee is offered that mistakes will not happen again. There was expression of satisfaction with the detailed breakdown of AFRINIC expenses which shows transparency. The Financial statement was approved by members and KPMG was chosen to continue its role as AFRINIC's auditor.

Slides for the 2014 Financial Statement

Alan Barrett, AFRINIC CEO, gave an update on the Process for Appointment to the IANA Numbering Services review Committee. The task of this committee will be to monitor of ICANN's performance after the IANA Transition occurs. AFRINIC will propose three names to form part of the community, two from the community and one staff member. The members of the ASO AC will automatically get a seat on the IANA Numbering Services review Committee. The Board proposed that the CEO should appoint the staff member. Alan then invited the community for comments and there were no objections from the community to the above proposals.

Alan then presented the update on the proposed AFRINIC Governance Committee through a comparison of the two drafts of Terms of Reference. 

During the open mic session, there were questions on the status of AFRINIC's IPv6 Task Force, AFRINIC's increased revenue and expenditure, the relationship between the board and CEO, concern over staff turnover, and language inclusiveness. 

Following the first coffee break an interesting session on ICANN's Africa Strategy was held. This session addressed the key milestones, projects, initiatives, lessons and future plans as the Africa Strategy enters its third year of implementation. 

Yaovi Atohun and Bob Ocheng from ICANN made this presentation.

ICANN Africa Strategy Slides

The day started with AFRINIC services updates and key activities were presented from each department. From the floor there were queries about IPv6 certification, AFRINIC's Financial Statements, existing tools for monitoring allocation of resources, certification with regards to the AFRINIC website, IPv6 certification, membership fees and AFRINIC staff turnover. 

Finance Updates

Member Services Update

Registration Services Update

Communications Updates

HR Updates

Research and Innovation Updates

IT and Engineering Updates

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