With ICT technologies evolving at a rapid pace, opportunities for knowledge sharing, networking and promotion of best practice are crucial for the growth of the Internet in Africa. Through its renowned conferences, the African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC) and the Africa Internet Summit (AIS) conferences enhance this by providing an essential forum for a broad spectrum of ICT professionals to share their expertise and real-world experiences and identify remaining knowledge gaps.   

AFRINIC organises such events for its community and members annually. Convened twice every year, the AIS Conference is held in May followed by the AFRINIC Meeting in November. AFRINIC Meetings are Public Policy Meetings that focus on Internet development and policy issues. The first of these meetings was convened in Senegal in 2002. AFRINIC is currently organising its 29th edition of these meetings that continues to provide a unique forum for the intersection of Internet development and advocacy.

The meetings provide an opportunity to strengthen policies and promote technical discussions, ensuring an evidence-based response to Internet issues in Africa. AFRINIC Meetings also serve as an occasion to intensify commitments from governments, the private sector, civil society and academia, amongst others toward the growth of Internet in Africa. More so, AFRINIC Meetings consist of a comprehensive fellowship programme that ensures small organisations are well represented at the gathering.

The AFRINIC-29 Meeting will give you the opportunity to learn from your peers, share knowledge and discuss on relevant ICT topics. You will learn more about the strategies driving IPv6 deployment throughout the continent. Technical sessions will show how Africa is doing in Internet infrastructure growth while ensuring low cost, resilient and secure Internet access as well as keeping content and traffic local. Have also your word on why you think it is important to keep the Internet affordable and always on. Part of the conference will enhance our knowledge on cyber crime, DDoSs and shutdowns, moreover very importantly, how to harness the power of the Internet to help end poverty and ensure prosperity in the region.

AFRINIC-29 will take place from 26th-30th November 2018 in Hammamet in Tunisia while the next AIS 2019 will be held in Kampala Uganda.