During the Africa Internet Summit 2013, in Lusaka Zambia, AFRINIC will hold its Annual General Member’s Meeting. The Meeting will take place on 21 June 2013.

All AFRINIC Members (Registered Members, Resource Members, Associate Members [as observers]) are hereby invited to attend the Meeting. Members in good standing will be able to fulfill their duty of electing their representatives on the AFRINIC Board of Directors.

Draft agenda:

1. Board activity update;
2. 2012 Audited Financial Report;
3. 2013 Budget and execution status;
4. New Bylaws overview;
5. Board elections.

This year the AFRINIC Board elections to appoint Regional Directors will be opened for the Northern region, Western region and for the first time to the regional independent positions. Voting (unless a poll is demanded) can be carried out by the following methods:

1. Voting by voice
2. Voting by show of hands
3. Voting by paper ballots
4. Voting by electronic system (e-voting)

For the first time, Members will cast their votes in line with the amendments of the AFRINIC bylaws. As per Section 13.4, the election for the Alternate Board positions will not be run this time. This section now makes provision for nine Directors, with six to be elected by the Members on a regional basis and two directors recommended by the NomCom based on their competencies and not their regional representation. However this process will be effective as the Alternate Board positions are phased out.

The call for nominations for candidates intending to run for the 2013 AFRINIC Board elections is now open. Please click here to nominate a candidate.

The list of the candidates running for the open Board positions will be published on the AFRINIC-18 Meeting website 2 weeks prior the Election Day.


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