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Radisson Blu Hotel
21-27 Nov 2009

AfriNIC-11 Streaming Facilities

For the benefit of remote participants who wish to follow the proceedings of the conferences, meeting sessions will be broadcast live between 24 -27 Nov. In addition, an IM server will be available to post comments and/or queries.

Streams are delivered as 16Kb/s unicast-http-streamed mp3 audio, a popular and relatively standard way to deliver internet radio. Most platforms should have a client immediately available (windows media player, quicktime, real, winamp, vlc, mplayer, zinf, etc.) capable of playing back the stream.

The live audio stream will be available at the following URL :- (this link is close now)

Instant Messaging (IM ): -

  • Those with jabber clients/software can join the meeting room, afrinic-11[at]
    A list of jabber clients can be found at
  • Those without can send their comments and/or queries by email to live-comments[at]

More information and detailed agenda of the conferences can be found at the following URL:


2009 Copyright AfriNIC- All right reserved.